Privacy Policy

CopyBet not only delivers services but also keeps our each and every client confidential and fully safeguarded. This rule is applied to our existing, inactive and future clients.

Personal Information

CopyBet respects your privacy and is committed to handling your personal data with transparency and integrity. When processing personal data provided by you, CopyBet is subject to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ('GDPR').

Any information on your activity collected by our staff is used for business purposes only. Such information is collected in order to improve the quality of service, to access your financial capabilities and needs, and to notify clients about new CopyBet services and products in a timely manner.

The information we collect and use includes:
  • Registration information you provided in your application and other documents: email, payment information etc.;
  • Information on deals with CopyBet partners and us and data you shared: CopyBet Profile balances and our answers to questions;
  • Information about incoming warnings, notifications, news and subscriptions;

This data is processed for the purposes of your security and safeguarding our reputation only. It only serves anti-money laundering purposes.


Cookies are information files used by websites for counting visitors (traffic measurement). This information from website server is temporarily kept on your hard drive or your mobile device when you visit the website first time. Cookies make it possible to recognize your browser when you visit the website again.

Cookies usually store anonymous data such as unique identification code which is randomly generated. They store your preferred language and the country you came from. All the information collected is confidential and not linked to any certain client directly.

CopyBet uses cookies in order to determine how much you are interested in services and to access our visitors’ activity. Cookies are also used for determining the most successful marketing materials and checking out Internet resources for referring potential clients.

By using our website you agree to accept cookies. All Internet browsers allow changing cookies parameters. You can turn cookies off or block them; however, some of them are necessary to use our website properly.

Safety Technologies

CopyBet uses a modern security Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL). This technology allows establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser and guarantees safety of your information. SSL technology safely protects information from being captured by third parties. We constantly improve our safety technologies to protect the system from unauthorized access and to make it impossible to use our data base without permission.

Sharing Information With Third Parties

According to the rules stated in the Safety Policy, third parties by no means can obtain information about our clients. This information is accessible by CopyBet’s business partners only in order to improve the quality of service and to inform our clients about our new services in a timely manner. Companies which somehow provide high quality services to CopyBet’s clients but aren’t our partners, can access only a minimum portion of information about our clients to carry their business.

Any personal information can only be shared at your request or with your permission. Please note that CopyBet values its reputation too much and thus can’t afford sharing your confidential information with any other party.

Sharing Information with Regulation and Law Enforcement Authorities

On extraordinary occasions CopyBet can disclose a client’s personal information to third parties if such disclosure is necessary according to applicable law and other regulations. For instance, we will be obliged to disclose personal information of a client to comply with judicial decisions and official requests. Also, such disclosure will be done in case we need to protect our rights and property.

Default in Providing Information

You have the right to refuse giving us information which is requested by CopyBet staff. However, in this case we won’t be able to give you full support and guarantee high quality service on your CopyBet Profile.

How to Unsubscribe From Receiving Mailers

You can unsubscribe from marketing mailers from CopyBet by following the instructions contained in them. However, you can not unsubscribe from receiving service mailer on payments and information about actual services of CopyBet. It is impossible to unsubscribe from them. You can also send to CopyBet email requests related to advertising materials and your right to share such materials with third parties for marketing purposes.

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