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Professional sport Tipsters place bets right here where you copy them. No more wasting time on football forecasts or match predictions. Follow Pro Tipsters and place the same bets they are placing, but automatically!

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  1. Every day thousands of experts bet their money on the outcome of sports events

  2. To succeed in betting, they constantly analyse football matches as well as general sports news

  3. Our Rating system will show you the most competent tipsters based on their real bets and not just predictions

  4. Choose the best Tipsters from the Rating and start copying their strategy automatically

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Automatic copy betting

The CopyBet platform is a completely automated process of copying bets. No more forecast, advice, and recommendations. All statistics of the CopyBet Tipsters are right in front of you. All you have to do is to choose a suitable strategy and click “Copy”

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Place bets with CopyBet's Sportsbook account! This way you'll provide your bets for others to copy, build up a Followers base, and gain extra profit with every subscription.

The subscription price you determine may be charged per event or per period of one or several weeks. The CopyBet platform takes zero commission which means the tipster will get 100% of the determined subscription price.

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Risk Managment

Choosing a betting strategy to follow, consider the risk level determined for every Tipster. However, if you’re willing to bet on a riskier side it doesn’t mean you’ll lose control of your investments. CopyBet platform has the Limit Loss feature, designed to manage possible losses. The setting works the same way as the popular Forex tool: set the limit of loss and be sure that your Tipster won’t exceed it. Keep control over your subscriptions and define an acceptable level of risk on your own

CopyBet platform is supported by both iOS and Android devices. Join the game at any moment and copy bets across all your devices