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Choose successful providers and copy winning strategies.

Create your own successful strategy and receive additional income. Do you think that you required any specific knowledge to do this? Everything is much simpler than it seems.

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How it works

Automatic copy betting

The CopyBet platform is a completely automated process of copying bets. No more forecast, advice, and recommendations. All statistics of the CopyBet platform participants is right in front of you. All you have to do is to choose a suitable strategy and click “Copy”.

The platform is useful for both beginners and professionals.

Platform commission

CopyBet receives the commission in the amount of 1% of the bet winnings only in those cases, when the bet is copied by the platform to a subscriber’s account. The minimum commission can’t be less than 0.1 USD provided that the bet profit is not less than 0.2 USD. In case of the losing bet or other cases, the platform doesn’t charge any commissions.

Then, the profit is distributed between the participants of the process in the following way:

  • 30%received by the provider
  • 40%received by the CopyBet platform
  • 30%received by the partner

We’re interested in your success, because our wealth depends on your results!

WEB platform

No need to perform any additional actions, waste time, and install any complicated files. CopyBet is a web platform, that’s why it requires neither additional download nor free space on the hard drive of your PC or mobile device memory.


Ease-of-use of CopyBet is our priority.

The entire working process is fairly simple. Moreover, no specific knowledge and skills are required for copying bets. The copy betting system interface is designed in such a way, that one will find it very easy to use. The web platform is running on all types of devices that support Internet connection. Make money out of copy betting from any place that is convenient!

Risk management

In any activity, which deals with expenses, one must constantly manage all possible risks. Using the CopyBet platform function called “Limit of loss”, you’ll be able to control all your investments, even those that related to rather unusual strategies and controversial methods. Set the limit of loss and be sure that your provider won’t exceed the level you specified. Invest your money only into efficient strategies, keeping absolute control over it and defining acceptable level of risk on your own.

Transparent conditions

Terms of Use of the system and other aspects of operation through the CopyBet platform are described in “Terms of Use” section. Before you start copying bets, read all rules and conditions and accept them. The system doesn’t imply any hidden or additional payments.

The platform is free to use

Extra expenses – it’s not about us. Anyone can use the CopyBet platform for free and without any time limitations. The system allows you to track other providers’ strategies and try their bets, adopt their experience and learn from their mistakes to avoid them in your further activities. The statistics on your account and the log containing all bets you placed or copied are another feature of the platform usability. To analyze your results and make money is easy like never before!

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