Dispute Resolution

CopyBet aims to offer all of the company’s clients from the United Kingdom the greatest possible customer experience in the industry. We want to make sure that all of our clients are completely satisfied with the products and service the company has to offer, as well as their quality and transparency. At the same time, CopyBet realizes that sometimes there might be cases when the company hasn’t been able to deliver. If you are not happy with the service that our platform provides, you can always send a query to our Customer Services team.

You can contact the CopyBet Customer Services team by clicking here. Queries are always processed within one business day. However, if, after your issue has been processed, you’re still not satisfied with the decision or believe that the situation is at a deadlock, you can always ask IBAS (the Independent Betting Adjudication Service) to conduct an investigation.

IBAS is an and impartial external agent that provides independent judgments for gambling/betting-related disputes. IBAS will not charge you for its services. To raise your dispute or complaint with IBAS, you will need to request a Deadlock Email from our CS Agent. This email will outline the full details of your dispute or complaint and will include a unique reference number that must be quoted when submitting a dispute or complaint with IBAS. You can then submit your dispute or complaint to IBAS here.

IBAS is an independent adjudication service for resolving disputes between licensed gambling companies and their clients.

To start looking at the detail of any dispute, IBAS will ask a complainant to confirm that they have made every reasonable effort possible to resolve the dispute before addressing IBAS and that they agree to comply with IBAS’ terms and conditions. As for the gambling business, this requires registering the company with IBAS.

IBAS is user friendly and charges a complainant no fees. Its adjudication panel does not hold face-to-face, courtroom-style hearings, so the agent requires written submissions from both parties explaining the facts of the dispute.

A complainant is required to submit a statement and any photos or other relevant evidence either by filling out an online adjudication form or by calling the IBAS office to request a form by the post.

Decisions are not made based on which party makes a better presentation of the disputed case. Gambling companies and their clients do not need to think of the quality of the presentation or their writing skills. The part of IBAS is to identify relevant issues. Therefore, decisions are always based on the facts of a case and not on either of the parties' rhetoric. The only thing IBAS asks for is that statements submitted cover as many facts as a complainant considers relevant to their dispute.