CopyBet is introducing a safe mode of copying

CopyBet is introducing a safe mode of copying

Dear Clients and Partners!

CopyBet is pleased to inform you about introduction of the coefficient of copying from 0.1 to 0.9 with the step of 0.1. It means that now there are more tools to secure your money and fewer risks to lose them.

Earlier, CopyBet clients used CopyRATIO system, according to which the coefficient was from 1 to 10, and they could increase their bets depending on operation conditions. From now on, if you like a provider’s strategy, but the amount of funds on your wallet prevents you from copying, you have an opportunity to use the coefficient that is less than one: up to 0.1.

The formula is the following: “bet size in a subscriber’s currency” = “calculated bet size in this copying mode” * “coefficient of copying”. “Coefficient of copying” parameter may be customized by a subscriber in a different way for every subscription. The default value of this parameter is set to 1. You need to customize the coefficient of copying before starting a subscription in “Coefficient of copying” field.

Choose the mode and the coefficient of copying that are optimal for you, save money for new strategies, and become even more successful with CopyBet!



CopyBet team