CopyBet continues improving statistics calculation

CopyBet continues improving statistics calculation

Dear Clients and Partners!

CopyBet is pleased to inform you about improvement of approach to the platform statistics calculation. From now on, the BetFair commission data is used for calculating the statistics. It will allows us to calculate both providers’ and subscribers’ profit more precisely. The statistics will become more accurate and detailed, hence more transparent.

To collect the statistics separately for your own bets and the ones you copied within the framework of subscription, we use the commission allocation technique for profitable bets. This method simplifies the calculation process and makes it more transparent.

We’ve done a good job with the entire stats section. The section now includes the statistics on markets and events; data display is more compact, convenient, and informative. All information about open and already completed bets is classified by the market where these events take place.

Work with pleasure!



CopyBet team