Changes in the CopyBet copy betting system

Changes in the CopyBet copy betting system

Dear Clients and Partners!

CopyBet would like to draw your attention to several service changes in operating conditions. According to the Company’s decision, from now on the threshold value of the maximum coefficient size of the copied bet is limited to 30. In the future, we’re planning to provide our clients with an opportunity to change the coefficient by themselves. The purpose of this is to improve the safety of the copying procedure.

In addition to that, the Company has switched to the copying mode according to the BetFair minimum rate. Example: from the EUR account (the minimum bet is 2) to the USD account (the minimum bet is 4). The ratio of minimum bets is 2:4 (or 1:2). The bet will be copied with the coefficient of 1 to 2.

We wish you successful deals and efficient copying!