Take Profit will provide control over the profit from copying

Dear Clients and Partners!

CopyBet is pleased to inform you about adding Take Profit feature to the list of available tools. In terms of copying, Take Profit will automatically stop the subscription to the bet provider in case your profit from copying reaches the value specified in advance. 

The feature operates the same way as Take Profit on the Forex market. It is an order to close the position when the commission reaches the level specified earlier. In fact, Take Profit features is required to lock in the profit. The feature, if it is specified correctly, may provide potential earnings from the process of copying bets.

With this feature implemented, CopyBet platform has become a real market for investments with a complete control over your money. From now on, it’s not just a procedure of copying bets, but a new approach to investments with all familiar features and tools. 

Benefit from all features of the copy betting platform for more efficient operation!


Sincerely, CopyBet