CopyBet is launching the Statistics center

CopyBet is launching the Statistics center

Dear Clients and Partners!

CopyBet is pleased to announce the Statistics center, which is integrated into the copy betting platform. From now on, you can get all necessary sports analytics in one place. We’re constantly improving our operating conditions and offering new instruments and tools so that you could work with our platform as comfortably as possible!

The Statistics center contains the historic data on 40 sports and more than 1,900 different tournaments and games along with schedules, best club and player ratings, past results and scores, and convenient data matrixes. In addition to that, you’ll find unique lists of player trades, prizes and cups, and classified archives of all necessary data over the last 20 years.

The Statistics center can be easily customized by each client individually. Choose the convenient interface, customize the content, and work even more efficiently!