Invite Friends – CopyBet's new referral program

Invite Friends – CopyBet's new referral program

Sharing is caring, and СopyBet cares about its Clients. We are happy to introduce our new referral program – Invite Friends. Share your CopyBet experience and get £300+ to your bonus funds.

How does it work?

1In your Clients Profile, you'll find a unique referral link to share with your friends. The link can be shared on social media, by email, or in any type of messenger. After all, we are the first social betting platform, so let's get social!

2Using this link, a friend is going to create an account with CopyBet. To unlock our full service, they need to verify the account.

3As soon as their account is successfully verified, your friend is good to start copying, and you get the bonuses.

What are the bonuses?

At first, we thought £100 is a good sum – but then £100x3 is even better! So you'll get £100 for each of the first three verified friends! And even after that we were still feeling generous and decided that all good things should keep coming. That's why you'll keep getting £10 for each new friend after the first three.

Affiliate program

While Invite Friends is a good start, it is not the end of the game. We also have our Affiliate program. When your referred friends start placing bets, you'll get the commission from their volumes. When your friend becomes a Tipster, you’ll get a percentage of their subscription price. Let us illustrate it with an example:

  • A referred friend has verified their account, connected to Betfair Exchange, and started to place the bets. Let's say they placed 100 bets with a £2 stake each. The overall volume is £200. Now, no matter if the bets are profitable or not, you'll receive 0.5% of the volume, or £1. Now, that's only one referral, what if there are 20-30 of them?
  • And what happens when your invited friend becomes a Tipster? They create their own subscription and specify its cost at £100. As soon as the subscription is over with any results, your Affiliate payout will be 9% of the subscription price, in this case, it’s £9.
  • The commissions are transferred to your CopyBet Wallet on the first day of the month, to prevent abuse of the Affiliate program. See Terms and Conditions.

Refer a friend and start collecting bonuses!

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