Mobile app is finally out

Mobile app is finally out

You've been asking for it, and now it's here. CopyBet's own, new and shiny application. Available in both AppStore and Google Play.

We've made social betting even easier delivering it right to your smartphone. Without compromising the comprehensive approach of the web platform, we've created a new concise experience for every Tipster and Follower.



  • Freedom. No more sitting in front of the computer. You can access all the necessary features on your mobile devices. Check the rating, choose a Tipster – start copying immediately. As simple as that.
  • Speed. The app is twice as fast as the web-platform and keeps you informed on the go. You won't miss an event anymore. Instant access to your subscriptions portfolio allows you to make decisions without delay.
  • Personalisation. Tipster and Follower roles are conveniently divided in two different spaces, so your stats are neatly organised. Not to mention the Affiliate space that presents all your referral commissions in one place.
  • Design. Slick and laconic new design just makes your experience with the app more satisfying.

It is faster, it is handy, and it does look better!