CopyBet announces launching of Sportsbook

CopyBet announces launching of Sportsbook

Dear Clients,

This fall, we are ready to introduce CopyBet Sportsbook, the result of active development of our platform.

  • What is CopyBet Sportsbook?

    It’s a classic Sportsbook integrated into the CopyBet platform, which allows you to place bets on the same principle as other bookmakers: you open an account, deposit funds to it, and bet on any available event. Everything is simple and transparent!

  • How do I open a Bookmaker account?

    An account that is required for placing bets in CopyBet Sportsbook is called a CopyBet Bookmaker account. You can open this account in your CopyBet Profile in several simple steps. From now on, you won’t have to leave the platform if you want to place bets!

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