Update of subscription periods: choose the best one

Optimize your subscription for copying and create your own system of discounts
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CopyBet is introducing a safe mode of copying

Choose the optimal coefficient of copying for operations with the platform!
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CopyBet is introducing “Loss limit” and other improvements in the platform operation

New changes in the system apply to the copy-betting process and are intended to improve your operation with the platform.
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CopyBet continues improving statistics calculation

From now on, the BetFair commission data is used for the statistics calculation.
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CopyBet team took part in London Affiliate Conference 2018

Another field-oriented exhibition in London helped CopyBet team to get closer to its users and clients.
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CopyBet will take part in London Affiliate Conference

The Company is taking new steps in its strategic development and attracting new audience.
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CopyBet is introducing an internal currency, Credo

Internal payments in the Company’s own currency will make the process of paying for subscriptions simpler.
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