Legal restrictions


According to the current legislation, you can’t create a profile and use the CopyBet platform unless you are 18 years of age or older. Minors are not allowed to register as gamblers and open Profile at CopyBet. Please note that in case this rule is violated, your profile will be blocked until the clarification of all necessary information.
CopyBet recommends to prevent minors from getting access to the platform, which is related to gaming/gambling websites.

Thanks to filtering software, parents have an opportunity to customize Internet access parameters for their children. Software settings allow to block some particular Internet resources, including gaming/gambling websites. Filtering software identifies gaming/gambling websites according to the specified criteria and prevents them from being displayed and visited. If you share your computer with your friends or family members and some of them are under 18 years of age, please check out the following filtering software:



Please note that in order to copy real bets (not on a virtual account) in the CopyBet platform, you have to connect your Betfair Exchange account. For consideration of your application for an account opening at Betfair Exchange, you have to confirm the following:

  • You are 18 years of age, being of sound mind and memory, and able to assume responsibility for your actions.
  • You agree to provide Betfair Exchange with accurate information for registration, including your real birth date and country of residence, as well as to inform Betfair Exchange about any changes in this information.
  • You are the person, whose information was provided for registration or, for legal entities, act as an authorized Representative of the legal entity.
  • You act in your individual capacity, not as a third party agent.
  • You are not a discharged bankrupt or haven’t concluded any amicable agreements with loaners.
  • You are not a resident of the USA, Turkey, or any other country with similar legal system.
  • You are not currently self-excluded from Betfair Exchange or Paddy Power accounts, and neither Betfair Exchange nor any other company excluded you from the gambler list.
  • You shall, following Betfair Exchange’s request (made at any time before or after you register an account at Betfair Exchange), quickly provide any documents or information requested by Betfair Exchange for evidence of your identity, age, residential address, country of origin, right of use of a particular credit/debit card, and agree to Betfair Exchange’s right to check any information or document.
  • You shall not try to sell or transfer funds from your account in any other way to any third parties and buy or use any accounts opened in the name of any third parties.


Please note that users, who want to register a profile at CopyBet, have to provide and confirm that they:

  • Are not professional athletes in any sports, competitions, or leagues, which are available for betting at CopyBet.
  • Have no restrictions due to legal incapacitation.
  • Are not classified as "Pathological (compulsive) problem gamblers" and/or listed (voluntarily or compulsory) in any register or database of excluded gamblers.
  • Shall not deposit their accounts with the funds resulting from any criminal and/or other illegal activities.
  • Shall not deposit funds to their accounts using bank cards that they are not authorized to use and/or or use the above-mentioned bank cards in jurisdictions, where betting and gambling are prohibited.
  • Shall not participate in any illegal activities, which will directly or indirectly involve their CopyBet profiles.
  • Shall not use the services, if these services are illegal in their countries of residence or they are limited in opening accounts for gambling and using CopyBet services in some other ways. Also, users shall not benefit from the offered services in case they can’t legally participate in the above-mentioned services. An owner of a CopyBet profile bears responsibility for legal use of the CopyBet website and services.
  • Shall not consider the Company’s official website content and services offensive, unacceptable, unfair, or obscene.

A user submitting a registration application guarantees that any information in it is true and corresponds to the legislation. Otherwise, CopyBet has the right to deny them in creating a profile or block an already existing profile if facts of information falsification are revealed after the registration procedure.

Every CopyBet client is allowed to have only one profile. In case this rule is violated, CopyBet reserves the right to block and/or delete all profiles of a given client apart from the first profile and transfer all funds (excluding bonuses) from the above-mentioned profiles of this client to the first one.

A CopyBet profile is non-transferable. Clients can’t sell, transfer, or acquire profiles from or for other clients. Funds transfers between CopyBet profiles are not allowed.

A profile owner shouldn’t allow any third parties use it for their own benefit or provide any outsiders with access to the Company’s services as well as any materials or information from its website. In case CopyBet acquires information that a client’s participating in gambling resulted in their financial or personal issues, the Company reserves the right to close this client’s profile at CopyBet and deny them in providing services later on.

Please be informed that participating in gambling may result in addiction. After a CopyBet Profile is closed due to its owner’s gambling addiction or fraud detection, this client won’t be allowed to register new profiles at CopyBet. In case this restriction is ignored, CopyBet reserves the right to block all newly-registered profiles of a violator and assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect losses arising from the above-mentioned violation.

More information on responsible gambling