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Introduce your friends to the world of copy-betting and gain commission from their subscriptions as well as turnover share.

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9% of the Subscription price + 0,5% Turnover share

Affiliates receive 9% of the subscription price each time an attracted Follower subscribes to a Tipster. Moreover, Affiliates get 0,5% of bet volume each time their referral places or copies bets on CopyBet and Sportsbook accounts.

This is how it works:

9% of every subscription
  • An attracted Follower subscribes to a Tipster, paying, for example, a £100 per week fee.
  • At the end of the week, the Affiliate gets 9% of the subscription price (in this case – £9).*
  • During the week of subscription, the Follower has copied 100 bets with a total volume of £1000. That means the Affiliate will get £5 of revenue share.*
*Affiliate payout is performed once a month

Why choose CopyBet?

Easy to promote

The CopyBet platform itself is a unique tool for attracting clients. Our services can increase your affiliate traffic conversion thanks to a new approach to betting, which lies in the complete automation of the copy-betting process.

No restrictions

Cooperation with CopyBet implies no restrictions on Affiliate payouts nor time limits for the whole Program.

No investments are required

To join CopyBet's Affiliate Program, you will need neither initial capital nor specific knowledge. Sign up, get your referral link, and start attracting new clients.

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