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Choose successful tipsters and copy winning strategies.

Create your own successful strategy and receive additional income. Do you think that you required any specific knowledge to do this? Everything is much simpler than it seems.

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How it works

Automatic copy betting

The CopyBet platform is a completely automated process of copying bets. No more forecast, advice, and recommendations. All statistics of the CopyBet platform participants is right in front of you. All you have to do is to choose a suitable strategy and click “Copy”.

The platform is useful for both beginners and professionals.

  • All bets copied through the CopyBet platform are placed on BetFair Exchange accounts. If you want to start working with the platform, you have to register at CopyBet and open a new Betfair Exchange account or use the opened one, in case you have it.

  • Betfair – is the largest and most famous betting exchange in the world.

    BetFair has been operating since 1999 and has all licenses required for such operation.

    The betting exchanges are different from bookmakers in that the bets are placed by tipsters themselves against each other. In most cases, coefficients for bets at BetFair Exchange are much higher. However, if you don’t like the coefficient, you can always offer your own.

Platform commission

  • 70%The tipster specifies the commission for copying their bets and receives 70% of it.
  • 30%CopyBet receives 30% of the commission specified by the tipster for copying their bets.

The partner receives 30% of the CopyBet’s share, if the follower was attracted using their referral link.

Internal CopyBet wallet

The CopyBet platform has its own internal wallet. The Wallet is used for paying the commission for copying bets. Before starting copying, make sure that your Wallet has enough funds to pay the commission specified by the tipster.

WEB platform

CopyBet is an advanced web platform, which has mobile versions for iOS and Android as well. You can manage your CopyBet Profile at any place using any mobile device.


Ease-of-use of CopyBet is our priority.

The entire working process is fairly simple. Moreover, no specific knowledge and skills are required for copying bets. The copy betting system interface is designed in such a way, that one will find it very easy to use. The web platform is running on all types of devices that support Internet connection. Make money out of copy betting from any place that is convenient!

Risk management

In any activity, which deals with expenses, one must constantly manage all possible risks. Using the CopyBet platform functions called «STOP LOSS» and «TAKE PROFIT», you’ll be able to control all your investments, even those that related to rather unusual strategies and controversial methods. These functions work the same way as popular forex tools: set the limit of loss and be sure that your tipster won’t exceed the level you specified. Invest your money only into efficient strategies, keeping absolute control over it and defining acceptable level of risk on your own.

Transparent conditions

Terms of Use of the system and other aspects of operation through the CopyBet platform are described in «Terms of Use» section. Before you start copying bets, read all rules and conditions and accept them. The system doesn’t imply any hidden or additional payments.

The platform is free to use

You can use the CopyBet platform for free and without any time limitations. You can access the complete statistics online, which is very important to estimate your own strategies and their efficiency. To create a new strategy or modify the existing one, try our Stats Center, which contains a great deal of results in different kinds of sport.

Don’t miss an excellent opportunity to receive additional income!

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