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How to use your £10 WELCOME BONUS?

Every new client gets a £10 WELCOME BONUS upon signing in to use it on Tipsters' subscriptions. Here's how you can activate your bonus:

  • Connect a Betfair account to your CopyBet Client's Profile

  • Make sure that you have enough funds on your Betfair account to place bets on a betting exchange

  • Choose a Tipster to copy bets from and use your welcome bonus to pay the subscription price

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Learn how to find the most competent Tipsters in the CopyBet rating!

  • Profitability

    Shows just how successful a Tipster is in placing their bets over a period of time.

  • Followers

    The more Followers trust a particular Tipster – the more likely their strategy is worth following.

  • Number of bets

    Make your conclusion of a Tipster's experience and activity based on the number of bets they have placed over a period of time.

  • Have you chosen the right one?

    Start copying their bets in one click!


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