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Every new client gets a £10 WELCOME BONUS upon signing up. Now, let's see how you can use it:

  1. Pay the subscription price

    Bonus funds can cover Tipsters' subscription fees. The moment you subscribe to a Tipster, the payment is transferred from your bonus funds. In case there are available funds in your Wallet, the subscription price will be first deducted from the available balance and only after that from the bonus funds

  2. Transfer bonus to Sportsbook

    You can also transfer bonus funds to your Sportsbook account and even withdraw them as soon as the following requirements are fulfilled*:

    • wagering requirement of 20 times bonus
    • qualifying bets must have the odds of 1.7 or higher
    • qualifying bets must settle within 30 days of receiving the bonus
    *Read the full regulations in our Terms and Conditions

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  • Profitability

    Shows just how successful a Tipster is in placing their bets over a period

  • Followers

    The more Followers trust a particular Tipster – the more likely their strategy is worth following

  • Number of bets

    Make your conclusion of a Tipster's experience and activity based on the number of bets they have placed over a period

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    Start copying their bets in one click!

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