Official sponsor
of "Starikovich-Heskes"
race team
on The Dakar 2017 rally

January the 2nd, 2017 in Paraguay "Starikovich-Heskes" team will fight for a win in one of the most prestigious races on the planet. And on the team's yellow car fender you will see our logo.

Professional races are always a fine mix between passion and high level of professionalism. This is exactly what helps you to succeed in betting. And that's why CopyBet supports "Starikovich-Heskes" team.

CopyBet even placed a bet of 1,000 USD on the victory of "Starikovich-Heskes" team in "The Dakar 2017" rally. We believe in our partnership and in the team's victory in the race.


The team’s pilot, Roman Starikovich, is an experienced racer with more than 60,000 off road kilometers in Europe, Africa, and Australia under his belt.

The co-pilot, Bert Heskes, has already participated in the Dakar rally in 2016.

The team will race on the Desert Warrior car, created by Rally Raid, the British company, based on Land Rover jeep running gear.


Cross African Expedition Port Said 2008
Trans African Expedition Alexandria 2009
Transmediterranean Expedition 2010
Australian Round Expedition 2011
East Safari Rally 2016
Palmtree Rally 2016


Expedition style off road travel (since 1998)
Dutch National Championships T1.1 and T1.2
German Baja 300
Libya Rally (5th overall)
Dakar support in 2007
Dakar co-pilot 2016


Desert Warrior car, which got a nickname "Bumblebee" within the team, was manufactured by a british company Rally Raid based on Land Rover jeep running gear.

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