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Recommend us to your friends and receive 30% of our commission for each of their successful subscription.

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Why exactly CopyBet?

It’s a unique automatic copy betting platform.

The CopyBet platform itself is a unique tool for attracting clients. CopyBet will help you to increase your affiliate traffic conversion thanks to a new approach to betting, which lies in complete automation of the copy betting process. There has never been such thing on the betting market. Thereby, you will be able to activate the part of your client base, which has given no signs of life for a long time. At the same time, you may multiply the number of deposits and, generally, increase the attracted funds turnover.

Commission in the amount of 30%

The commission that is offered by the CopyBet system is one of the highest in the industry and equals to 30%. The sum of the commission is defined as a percentage of the profit received by the CopyBet platform.

  • This is how it works:
  • The client you attracted subscribed to a Tipster with a subscription fee equal to £100.
  • After the period of this subscription is successfully over with any results, the CopyBet platform charges the commission in the amount of 30% (in this case £30) of the subscription cost. You affiliate payout will be 30% of the profit received by the CopyBet platform, in this case it’s £9. The commission will be immediately transferred to your internal CopyBet Wallet.
  • And that’s just one subscription from one client you attracted. What if the number of clients is 100? And what if they have 20-30 subscriptions every day? Perhaps, we’ll better need a calculator.
  • Everything is very simple and transparent.

How the commission is distributed in percentage:

  • 30%are received by the partner

No conflict of interest

CopyBet is a total absence of conflict of interest thanks to an opportunity to add affiliate links from bookmakers in our platform and transparent redirect of the referrals you attracted to bookmakers’ websites, so that the referral is included into your affiliate group both in the CopyBet system and at a bookmaker-partner.

No restrictions

Cooperation with CopyBet implies no restrictions on affiliate payouts and time periods.

No investments are required

In order to join CopyBet affiliate program, you will need neither initial capital nor specific knowledge. Everything is already prepared. Register and start attracting new clients.

Don’t miss an excellent opportunity to earn additional income!

Become a partner