A new chapter
in Autolife history

After a two-year break, "Autolife" is back to the list of participants of the most ambitious global competitions. We’d like to thank the management and staff of CopyBet for their trust. Exploits and mighty enterprises are ahead of us and we’re sure that together we will be able to conquer the peaks that were unapproachable before.

Roman Starikovich, Autolife pilot

to conquer new peaks

We’re very glad to conclude this agreement and support the Cypriot team "Autolife", which represents a true team spirit and demonstrates outstanding competitive results on a regular basis. Roman Starikovich and Bert Heskes are craft professionals, who are ready to soar to new heights and turn the most ambitious sport projects into reality.

A professional rally is an "explosive mix" of passion and cold-blooded premeditation. To win it, one requires the same qualities that work in betting. That’s the reason why CopyBet supports "Starikovich-Heskes" team.

Anton Ivanov, CopyBet manager

Copybet - win together with number one!

"Autolife" is preparing to participate in several major international competitions, including the Dakar 2020 rally. Apart from the Dakar, "Autolife" is going to take part in "Silk Way Rally", "Africa Eco Race", "Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge", as well as participate in different rallies in Kazakhstan, Greece, Spain, and Cyprus. In these races, the team will compete for a win on board a new automobile Toyota Hilux Overdrive, which they called the "Mighty Bumblebeast" due to its color and power.

We believe in the team spirit and need for innovations when searching for new approaches in any area of activities in the same way our partners do.